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Thursday, May 28, 2015

What's Up Doc?

Hello again!!!

OK many of you may know I need to get better at blogging. ..
 I post to instagram which shares to Facebook and flickr but rarely do i did time to sit down and blog. 

It's hard in this on the go world to find time to sit at the computer. 

So what's been happening?  I'm currently on a small break from school (which ends Monday :-/ ) so I'm working on getting caught up with life. I'm in the process of moving my craft room and reorganizing so that I can hopefully get better function and use our of my space and become more productive and less stressed.  I'm also working on catching up on my swaps (then no more swapping for me... only crafting for fun to take the stress out of it) .  I sent out a huge pile of owed mail today and hopefully more will go out this week :)

I've been working on a few "Pocket letters" If you haven't heard of this I highly recommend looking it up on YouTube... Loving the Idea of it!! 
Here is one that's ALMOST finished... I want to add a qoute to the top right I think, then not sure what else... Then it needs filled with a letter and a few goodies maybe :D 

I've also been trying to get all my running done and spending some time with family when I can. Overall things are good :) busy... but that's life! 

 My fur babies also say hello!! 
Here is my "Ollie-Fur" enjoying the window spaces in my new craft room 


  1. Wow that is a lot of out going mail goodies. And Ollie looks quite happy with his new space.. where is Vicky's photo?? lol Things look great and I love all the bright colors. Cool stuff :0)

    1. Thank you! Yes I will have to post Vicki's photo soon too :D

  2. As I've said, a marvelous pile of mail art! Can't wait to see which one shows up in my letter box! I'm still reeling from inspiring that one I saw a few days ago. :-) Those pocket letters are most interesting indeed. A lot of colorful eye candy there. Ollie-Fur is no small kittycat is he! He's gorgeous! And he's given his approval to your new space. LoL A cat's approval is important donchaknow. Well obviously you do. haha

    1. I hope you letter arrives soon!! :D Not sure how log mail takes to get to that side of the US, i was thinking 2-3 days? Hopefully tomorrow! Only one person has received theirs that I know of so far :D And, Yes Ollie is a "big" boy ... He's definitely not under fed.. actually most of my animals are a little on the "extra to love" side lol Thank you for the kind comments also!! :D


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