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Monday, April 30, 2018

Mail Art Monday with VLVS

Hello crafty friends! 

I'm here again to share a fun and simple
Mail Art Monday Envelope with VLVS<3


If you know me, then you know mail art is my favorite thing to create! So, I am excited to get to share with you today! I decided to break the rules a bit with this envelope... Who says the envelope has to go long ways anyway? 

Stamps Used:
Deliver To
Bust of Man
Flower and Bird Frame

Other products:
A2 white envelope
distress ink (various yellows)
Archival ink (black)
Zig Clean color markers

I started by stamping the "bust of a man" on the right hand side of the envelope and again on a scrap piece of paper which I used to mask this off.  

Next I stamped the lower left part of the "flower and bird frame" stamp 
(yes, I cut my stamp apart... part of why I love buying my stamps unmounted. I know some of you will want to kill me for this, but it gets me extra use from my stamps... You could also mask that part of your stamp off when inking.) 

I then stamped the right side of "flower and bird frame" stamp. At this point I inked around the boarder of my envelope with the various yellows. 

Once my background was inked, I removed my Statue mask and begin to color all of the fine details. 
Super quick and easy!

Below you can see a "sample" address, and postage stamp... I am out of flower stamps so a trip to the post office is in my future ;-)

I hope you enjoyed this simple piece and maybe even find new ways to view some of your stamps... 
(I promise they don't cry when you cut them!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Making Mischief and Messes

Hello to anyone stopping by...

Today I'm just sharing a couple pictures of what I've been up to the last couple weeks.
(besides making general mischief). 

(not that I think many people are going to want to see anyway)

I was talking with a friend about these, so even though I don't think these pieces are completely done, I thought I would share... and I know if i don't do it now i will mail them out without ever sharing (I just need a few finishing touches on each.) Also, the pictures aren't great. Its 9:30 pm and dark here... plus I took these with my phone.

I have been on a Tim Holtz paper doll kick, along with distress oxides, and the Yupo paper/alcohol ink lift technique... 

Ok, SO lets start.... These first 3 are all postcards... and Distress oxides (along with other junk...texture paste, stamps, stains, etc)

(the one sister looks so thrilled... hence the hat)

(this was actually the 1st postcard I made.  About a week before the others, so I will probably go back and add more texture to this piece)

The Next 4 are all A2 size cards created with alcohol ink and Yupo paper... 
This is so much fun to "lift" the image off and get a ghosted image... 

I also made a batch of distress oxide backgrounds, so you may see some more pop up like the first 3...
(there are too many to post... I think I had 28 inky pieces when I finished the other night... nothing pretty but just bases to start projects on)

Ok, so there you have it. 
This is the messes I have been making 
(getting more color on me than cards, but that's part of the fun!)

What have you been up to?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Mail Art Monday!

Hello Again Crafty Friends!!!

Today I am excited to share one of my vary favorite things...
Yes, you guessed right, Mail art!!

Anyone who follows me knows that mail art has a special place in my heart! 
Something about it just makes me giddy!

Today I want to share a fun and kind of silly/whimsical envelope that I just LOVE. 
I love animal/people hybrids so this donkey was instant love for me, but he needed a kind of whimsical envelope to keep him in his own little world.

Maybe a forgotten part of wonderland?

Stamps Used:
Writing Chevron
Typeset Scallop
Horse/Donkey Gentleman

I started with and A2 size envelope and a piece of scrap paper.  On the scarp paper I began by stamping the "typeset scallop", and the "writing chevron".  I also stamped these two on the envelope where I wanted them to be. (*note if you want to "mask" the donkey, rather than cut him out and glue him down he should be stamped on the envelope 1st*, and a mask should also be created). 

On a separate piece of paper I stamped my donkey gentleman so that I could color him and cut him out.

Next, I colored then covered my 2 stamped images with my "masks", this allowed me to lay down a heavy layer of inks and some stenciling.  When the inks dried I added a few flicks of water to add extra depth. 

You can see below I added a label to add an address.  I added a bit of ink around the box for extra depth. (this was before I glued down my awesome donkey gentleman).

Below you can see the finished piece, and the postage stamp that I picked to go with it. 
(I haven't stuck it on yet, just in case I send international)

Thank you stopping by the blog today!!