Monday, June 15, 2015

Fathers Day Inspired Art

Hello Again! 

Today I want to share two fun pieces with you that I created using 100 Proof Press rubber stamps
Its that time of year where every commercial and ad is reminding you that Fathers Day is right around the corner (June 21st if you aren't in the USA). 
So, today I want to share a masculine greeting card and a "Postage people" postcard. :) 

(I have been wanting to make a "postage person" for a while now after i was inspired my my amazing friend Annie check one of hers out HERE (2nd card down... and it lives with me... hehe) and check out her other amazing work while you're there! Her mail art is AMAZING)

Ok, so lets start with my favorite the "postage people" postcard...

If you'd like a video tutorial on this on comment below and I will work on it, I have one more of these postage stamps :D  Ok, now for the card, for this i wanted simple and masculine so here it is...

Here's a close up of the awesome man i used in both projects...

Stamps used for these projects:

Here's my amazing father.. lost too soon at just 54 this year in January. 
Forever loved and missed!

Thank you For stopping by and I wish you all wellness and health! 


  1. Tera! Love your postage guy!! Quite fun to see the real stamp and the postage head alter. Your kind words are so appreciated. What a dear you are. I'm so sorry for your loss. Yes, much too soon. I really love this postcard you created. The background is awesome and perfectly cohesive with your great postage guy.

  2. Love the postcard, Tera--that rubber stamp was PERFECT for Harry's head!


    1. Thank you! yes that stamp fits a lot of postage heads ... its a perfect size! <3 it

  3. They are both gorgeous ! Sorry for your loss. I lost my dad too, he was 57, so I know what you mean !
    Corrie x

    1. Thank you so much Corrie, and I'm sorry for your loss also! sending you a Hug!


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