Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Coffee Time!!!

Hello Again!!!

Who else here is a Coffee Addict?
Some of you know I am!!!

In Honor of my love of coffee, I have decided to make a set of 3 ATC's. 

Stamps Used:

I stamped these all with black Stayzon ink, and versa fine sepia ink.  
(I also used the Verafine to edge everything) 


  1. These are such fun. Love that woman image. You know she just heard some juicy shocking gossip. I'm smack in the middle of coffee time right now too.

    1. HEHE, thanks Annie! She probably is wondering why did they just say that out loud?! (Also I was delayed at adding the individual pictures, but they are up now. lol) She is definitely going to be a favorite of mine (I just got her!!)


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