Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Craft

Ok, so I bought some of the Graphic 45 boarders to the Halloween in wonderland collection, and wanted to play with them, so I decided to do a quick project, and alter a small box I had just purchased. I started by painting the entire thing black, and then the boarders did all of the work for me! I did some fussy cutting for a few of the pieces, and the diamond pattern on the top of the box is actually a scrap from a sheet of paper fro one of their other lines (can't remember witch one). 

Anyhow I think it turned out super cute! Now to decide what to put in it, or if I'm going to use it for a gift for a friend? Hmm tough decisions!

I may also add a clear glass knob/handle to the top... What do you all think? 

Have a wonderful night All!


  1. You could put your ink pads in it.
    It looks great.

    1. That's a great some of my smaller pads would fit great in it, and that would make extra room on my ink stand for my distress pads. :D

  2. oh wow is this one plain one from the other day? Turned out super Great!


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