Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blog Hop Day 1

Yay, Its Day one of the Polka Dot Pumpkin Blog Hop! 

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Today I am going to share some fun Polka Dot inspiration with you from one of my Favorite addictions...

Using a Pencil eraser as a stamp is fun and easy for people of all ages, and one thing polka dots make me think of is pop-art and comic book art! So Using the Comic Book Flair 
I chose to make this super Fun and EASY card!! (If you are inspired by this technique, I'd love to see what you create too!!) 

I think this type of card would be Great For quick and easy Birthday, Cheer up, Or really Any Occasion!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun inspiration!!


  1. Great card - love the idea of using a pencil eraser - makes perfect polka dots!!!

    1. I thought It looked like a fun Idea when I saw it too!

  2. What a clever idea, love the way you used the pencil erasers. Great card!


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