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Monday, November 18, 2013

Forever Loved

Today I wanted to share a tag I made in Honor of my Grandmother.

This stamp looks just like my grandmother when she was younger, She was a beautiful woman both inside and out!

She just passed away Saturday 11-16-2013 at about 7:15pm which is why the top clock is set to 7:15 and the crackle is supposed to symbolize the moment time stood still. (I used white Gel pen to cover the time originally on the clock, and microns to crate the new clock hands)

My Grandmother was an amazing Godly Woman, and I am so blessed to have had all of the time with her that I did. She will be missed, but she's no longer in pain and I thank God for that.  


  1. They will love it sissy and so would mom. I love how you put this whole post together.. very nicely done. love ya

  2. I noticed on your flickr photos the crackle on the one clock only and thought it might represent a time lapse with the "newer" looking clocks. Like Grandmas time and your time. This tag is an awesome representation in honor of you Grandmother. Beautifully done!


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