Monday, January 6, 2014

More Great News!

Hello! I hope you are staying warm wherever you are, It's -8*F here with a -22*F windchill factor. Although I haven't had a chance to do any creating today, I still had a productive day. 
I have been hibernating... 
(Basically I've spent all day doing laundry, getting things done around the house, and just trying to stay warm)

OK, getting to the GREAT news...
I just received an E-Mail from Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine saying that they will be publishing the piece of hand stamped jewelry I submitted! Now the hard part will be to wait until the summer issue is released so that I can share a picture with you, and actually see my 1st published piece!!

Here's a sneak peak to hold you all over until you can get your summer issue of Rubber Stamp Madness!!

Thanks Friends!
Stay warm, and Stay Crafty!!

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