Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Mail Inspiration

Good Morning!!!
Having Mail Art withdraw?
Well you came to the right place!!!
Here are a few quick envelopes or old ones I never got around to sharing..

Raven by Lost coast designs, background writing is 100 proof press, skull was a dollar bin stamp a few years ago, paper stamp is from Hobby Lobby

Stamps by Unity Stamp company (I think)

Girl by Viva Las VegaStamps! snail mail stamp from dollar bin a few years ago

Bunny by Octopode Factory don't remember who makes the banner flags

Collage (don't remember name of water stamp company)

Hand Drawn Doodle

Thank you for visiting!! 


  1. Such FUN! I love each of these envelopes! No surprise there. You're so talented with mail art. I couldn't even choose a favorite, they are all great.

  2. Love these! Water drop stamp is Designs by Ryn. :)


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