Monday, June 6, 2016

Time to celebrate- Mail Art Monday!

Hello Again!!!

Welcome back for another fun Mail Art Monday project!!!

This one is super special to me. 

This was created in honor of my friends and I finally graduating dental hygiene school!

Yes, that's right... I'm officially a Registered Dental Hygienist!!! 

SO... Let's ... CELEBRATE!!!!

To start I began by stamping the creepy cone hat and creepy bald guy, and masking them off.  I also stamped the writing triangles and masked them off too.  At this time you should also mask of your desired address space (and trace around it).  

Now time to add the fun stuff...
Stamp the doodle frame first across the top, then the chevron banner below it... 
(because why have 1 banner when you can have 2 !?! ) 
Stamp Celebrate above the address box

Are you still hanging in there? 
Time to pull this all together... I used Distress ink in blues, greens, and yellows to base ink the background... then to detail the background I randomly stamped the doodle dots and numbers set.
Now stamp the dictionary page around the edges to help pull focus to the center.   

Now, Lets see how things look without the masks.
(this is always one of my favorite parts!) 

Ok, now we are in the final stages!! 
Stamp the stitching on the address label and color everything in. 
(I used watercolor brush pens to color mine)

Then, to finish everything off I used black pan pastels to edge everything and make them pop!

Thanks for sticking in with me, I know this was a long one. 
I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as me!! 

Stamps Used:

Creepy Cone Hat


  1. This mail art really does feel like a celebration with those awesome bright colors. I love the dumb-founded dazed look on his face after all that learnin' was crammed into his bald little head. I'm picturing you with that very look. I think I'll wait just a little while before letting you into my mouth. LoL. I love all the fun details...the colorful doodle at the top, the great banner, the word, the triangles... Love it all!

    1. Haha, I'm sure I still get that look some times! lol although I am very comfortable in my field so you wouldn't have to worry! I actually won an award that they only give 1 RDH per college (the colgate star award) which was one of the top two awards!! (by bestie won the other!)...and I graduated with honors!!

  2. Congrats on graduating, Tera ! This piece of mail art is indeed a celebration for it, so bright and fun !
    Corrie x


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