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Friday, January 19, 2018

Nature's Wonder Card

Hello crafty friends! :)

I hope you are all safe and warm!
Here in Ohio it has been super cold and snowy... 
I'm a warm weather person, so I'm dreaming of spring.

 As my first post back as part of the fabulous Viva Las Vegastamps design team, I want to share something special to me....

An easy 3D entomology themed card...
(great masculine card too!)

I myself collect pinned insects, and have a cabinet of curiosities.
  Do you collect anything?


Black and cream cardstock
Scrapbook paper
Black Season ink
Zig Clean color markers
Tim Holtz small talk stickers
Distress oxide ink -walnut stain
Tim Holtz tiny attacher
Distress collage medium (to stiffen the raised insect and to attach fun foam to card)
Fun foam cut to make 3d areas

Ok, so let's get started...

I started by stamping my stamp twice (one to cut for layering, and one for the base)
You can also see the slices of fun foam I cut to "pop" stuff up on

Next, cut your background layers from the scrapbook paper, and cardstock. My layers measure smallest to largest- 4.25 x 5.25in, 4.5in x 5.5in, card base- 6in x 10in

I used distress ink to add some depth on my stamped base, and my cream cardstock.  The insects were colored with my zig markers.

My layers were taped together with my VLVS miracle tape. Before taping my card base to my matts,  I used my tiny attacher to add my coard.

For the final 3d layer I used distress collage medium to glue my fun foam down. (And to add some thickness to the 3d bug).

I hope you have all enjoyed this card as much as I do.
 (Don't forget to comment what you collect! Just for fun :D )

Also, in case you missed this fun envelope I shared on facebook on Monday here is a bit more Buggy goodness...

Hercules Beetle
Paris Address

(the rest is all distress inks and stencils)


  1. I am always a fan of everything you create, but THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You know how I love my bugs. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks lady!! Indeed, I do know that, I love the peaks of your collection I see on Instagram!!! I should share some more of mine, it has grow a little... but nothing crazy/new. :)

  2. Ick - bugs! But your card looks gorgeous! On my screen it looks like a very real display case of insects. Nice work.

    1. Lol, pinned bugs are fun! Thank you by the way!! It's a very detailed stamp so it makes it pop... it would have probably been even more 3D had I used a non textured cardstock... sometimes I worry the texture take some of the detail out of the stamp. I don't usually do 3D cards but this one was too fun not to do with two layers;)

  3. Awesome card! Thanks for sharing.
    Lately I have been collecting teeth (both human and animal...and both false and real). All willing given ;)

    1. That's awesome! I also have teeth I collect with my Curiosities. <3 I am in the dental field so they are right up my alley! I don't have nearly as many as I would like yet, but it's a slow growing collection. And I only have one lower denture. Not a full set. But, someday i may add to that as well. Do you have any pictures of your collection on a blog or Instagram? I should post some of mine sometime. Thank you also for your kind comments

    2. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. Yet. I keep meaning to finish the displays and take pictures, but it always gets pushed to the side. But I think I should move it up on my to-do list. Very cool, that you have a collection too. A lot of people get creeped out when I tell them about my teeth collection.


Thanks for your comments, I love hearing from you!!