Saturday, November 3, 2018

Learning to quilt

Hi again, 
Today I'm going to share my recently finished quilts. 

(This is my 2nd and 3rd ever... I am untrained and doing this as a hobby they are by no means professional and I sew a straight line even worse than my attempt to draw one)

Starting with my 2nd ever finished quilt...
This cross quilt is extra special because it is my husband's. This is just a small lap sized quilt for him to use at his computer desk. Blue is his favorite color so I used 2 jelly rolls from Joann fabric and some added fat quarters. The back is a blue and white.

(Here is him holding it the night I finished it, he'll probably kill me if he sees I posted the picture)

Next, is my 3rd ever finished quilt... this one is a 2 sided, coffee themed rag quilt for a charity benefit. (A friends/past coworker husband has stage 4 cancer in his stomach and she is having a very hard time). My amazing friend Terri sent me some of the beautiful coffee fabrics that inspired this whole piece! The rest are from joann fabric.



I think this is considered a throw sized quilt ...  sorry I don't have better pictures as I have already given it to the ladies running the raffle.

Now to complete my 2 other work in progress quilts (hopefully before Christmas)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Tera! I hope you didn't get into too much trouble posting that pic, as it's a stunning quilt! :)

  2. Oh, LOVE the quilts! I always love the plus quilts I see. It looks fantastic! However, Chad best not removed the quilt he wearing any clothes?...oh don’t answer that! I think Chad’s gonna kill you. I think I need to add a plus quilt to my list. I like the coffee themed rag quilt too. Those coffee cup fabrics are so cute. You are a very dear friend to make her a comfort quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing the next ones.


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