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Monday, September 9, 2019

Mail Art Monday - Envelope Overload

Hello again crafty friends!

Today I'm just going to share a few photos of some recent mail art that I haven't gotten around to sharing. 

(Annie this post is mostly for you, since you may be the only person who regularly reads this blog. haha)

I often make things and never share them or even take a picture before they travel off into the world, so here is a ton of photos of my recent(ish) works that were just for fun.

I will start off with envelopes using my new Tim Holtz Halloween release stamps
(mixed with others of course)

This one went to my mail art friend Vicki right after it was made. :D

(I may add more to this, but here it is so far)

(She went off to my lovely friend Kortney in Minnesota)

(I liked this one better before the stars and edging in yellow, but here it is in all it's cheery glory)

(can you tell I love this old man Dracula?)

(Here is the card that goes in the above envelope)

Ok, so those were my cutesy new Tim Holtz stamped pieces... Now, lets go grungy!

(I love the new cadaverous set, and the yummy new webs... as you see this one will be going off to my mom soon. She fell in love with it when I showed her.)

(Here is the card that goes in the above envelope)

Now for some grungy mushroom love...

(card that goes in the above envelope)

(More mushroom love)

(of course I had to make a matching card for it too)

Ok, now on to completely random envelopes that just happened because I felt like trying something...

This is my version of an art journalish envelope...
 I think it's super fun, but my hubby and mom are not fans... Oh well. lol

This is an envelope for my brother for when he gets moved into his new apartment. 

This was a wild whim of cutesy... 
It will be less plain of course with the stamp and address. 

More wild strange cutesy
(these to may never leave my house, they aren't what I usually mail out)

Playing with an old favorite "Mr. Crow" as I call him. 

This one I loved so much I made multiples...
Its just fun and random. I sent one to my friend Gina G. :)

Ok, that's all for now, I know I haven't went into great detail on any of them, but if you have any questions on any of them, just ask in the comments,  and I will happily respond. 

Thank you for visiting!


  1. I LOVE them all!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Whoa!...where should I begin?! What a fabulously fun post, Tera! So much inking and stamping goodness. Let me open your post in another device or I’ll be all day scrolling back and forth from the comment box. LOL. Old man Dracula IS a fun stamp! This first envelope is awesome! You are so good with colors and coloring and blending postage. Love it! The soft color background is giving that creepy scary guy a softer side of himself. He might be Shrek’s other best friend. The one you sent to Kortney...she looks like a scary bitch, eh! You set her to a great looking envelope. That unraveling mummy guy is funny. I love the cute little flowers growing in the graveyard. Too funny the thumbs up RIP. LOL. I don’t see anything wrong with the stars and yellow. The second old man Dracula card and envelope are fabulous. That pissed off pumpkin is fun. Love the bones bordering the address. Yeah right...usually doesn’t bite. Haha. Your Mom has good fun creepy grungy taste. That card and envelope are fun. Love the inking and details you have on both of those. You are always so inspiring. Great mushroom cards and envelopes. I think they need a character roaming through them. Your journalism envelope is interesting. I’m probably in camp with Chad and Mom though. But she’s got a fantastic sly look. The face is awesomely done! Your brother will be getting a fantastic envelope to celebrate his new digs. Is that address space a stamp or did you create the look of a blank photo pasted with corners to the wall? The two cute ones are cute. The look on the mouse watching the hippo fly is like LOL. Mr. Crow is another great stamp. Love how you’ve worked with him and the old crow with spectacles waiting to meet up with him. That last one is a strange stamp...a bit eerie. Love how it looks with that cool background. Wow, what a lot of fun you packed in this post. I’ve had a few hectic days and almost missed it! Sure glad I didn’t! You could go into business. Hallmark has nothin’ on your fun greetings/mail!

  3. I always admire, and am inspired by your awesome mail art! Lucky recipient of the colorful 1st one :) Love the new Drac stamp too. I also really like the cadaverous one for your Mom, and the grungy mushrooms. All of these are fab!


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