Thursday, June 20, 2013

HaPpY HaPpY JoY JoY!!

So lots of new fun goodies came in the mail yesterday!!! (My mom and I split a pound'o rubber from Viva Las VegaStamps) I have already created 2 fun pieces today, and my mind is overflowing with more ideas!!! (It's also dreaming of MORE RUBBER!! ... If i keep it up my hubby may put me in a rubber room soon!!) one of the sets i received was a zetti/zetangle set of characters and i LOVE them!! The little bird was my 1st inspiration of the day starting me off with and ATC (1st one i've done in probably a year...) then he begged to be on a piece of mail art too... and i couldn't turn him down, so what do you know? he is now on and envelope too and the awesome Eye tied it all together.. then of course i doodles and colored them... ok ... ok... I'll just show you!! (more to come soon!)

Oh, more thing... MM you are so being blamed as my enabler!!! (Thank you!!!lol)
You can click the photo to enlarge for a better view. 


  1. Ok WOW let me say that again..WOW! How much time did you have in that?

    1. Thank you! Because of the wonderful size of the stamps filling most of the envelope i only spent a few minutes doing the doodling. :D

  2. That for sure is one cute bird! And the eye is crazy! Your envelope is crazy awesome! Love these!


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