Wednesday, June 12, 2013

   Ok, Here we go.. So i Don't have a clue how to start a blog and make it fun and relevant, so if you stumble upon this i hope you enjoy it! My name is Tera and i am a self professed Craft and Sugar addict!! I Love a huge variety of crafts, such as Stamping,Mail Art!!, Misc. paper crafting, scrap booking, painting, metal stamping, photography, clay and what ever else may tickle my fancy for the day... lol
   I also have a huge sugar addiction (which i'm working on...kind of...) I love candy, sweet tea, ice cream and well you get the point...

Q: So what should you expect to see here?    A: all my latest crafty adventures!! Maybe dome tips or tricks along the way, and maybe sneak peaks at items or projects i'm working on... Maybe even some of my pieces for Ebay.

Some of my just for fun works, and swaps can be found on Flickr (Kattera22) if you want to check them out.


  1. Wow! Off to a charming & impressive start!! For a girl with "no clue" you sure do have it together-:->

    1. Thank You MM! I've found where to reply to comments so i guess i'm a step closer now! :D


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