Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mail art madness...

Ok, i thought i'd share a little bit of the mail art madness i've been working on, all 4 of these still need the backs completed yet, but Thought i'd go ahead and share the fronts.( : D )

(thank you to my friend Mary Margaret for the fabulous stamped images of the bird people, brick window  and the wonderful bird address plate!)   
(you should also check out her awesome mail art here:    )

 The "top Secret" one may end up with more added to it also... I haven't decided yet...
I hope you all enjoy the pre-view


  1. Hey Tera, loving the mail art. Miss MM sent me your way :) Look forward to seeing what you create :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by!! I also checked out your blog, but i can't comment because of not having an account. I need to get creative for a full 30 days too, but I'm not there yet! I still can't get into it some days...


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