Monday, May 20, 2019

Late for Facebook...

Hello, It's me again...

Today, I am here to share another super fun and easy Mail Art Monday 
card and envelope set!

You know I love snarky mail, and this one is just too perfect for so many people...
(Myself included)

Stamps Used:

I started with and A2 envelope and card base. 
I began by stamping my woman with her hands on her face on both the envelope, the card, and on scrap paper. (the scrap paper was to make the mask).

Next I stamped my sentiment on my card base then set this aside. 

Returning to the envelope, I covered my woman with the mask. I also created a mask for the address box from some scrap paper. 

With everything masked off, I began to add my background detail using a Tim Holtz shifter stencil with distress ink. 

When the background was complete, I removed my masks and colored my card and envelope with various alcohol based markers. 

I hope you all like this fun little set!!
Have a wonderful week!!


  1. OMG...she is SO freaking funny! I can visualize a few relatives that probably have that exact same fear and react the same too. Bwahahaha Love your envelope. The shifter stencils look like loads of fun.

    1. Haha... she cracks me up! The shifter stencils are very fun. I thought this one looked like vintage kitchen wallpaper, so it was fitting for this. Lol


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