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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2020 already!
(Y2K was only yesterday wasn't it?!)

Ok, since today is January 1st it's time to share a little inspiration with the 1st release of new stamps from Stampotique Originals for 2020!

See all new stamps HERE

Let's start of with an art journal spread... I love how Arthur looks to be sneaking out the back door... HAHA

(Veggie Boo may be in over her heels here, meanwhile I think someone else may be crushing on her... what do you think?)

sneaky, sneaky...

Don't look so sad Spongul, she'll figure it out...

Next, I want to share a special card using my new robot design!!! 
(I named him "Free Hugs")

Doesn't he look so perfect with Arwen's gears?

Now for some holiday celebrations with Asian lanterns!
(You know that's needed for every goon New Years party, Right?!)
Arthur can't wait on his guest to arrive!!

Last, but not least, I have been itching to try my hand at a Kassa style ATC, and this pretty new "Agatha Kitty" looked like she would be perfect! 
(I have actually colored her 4 different ways I loved her so much... shhh.. I'll have to share the others later... hehe!)

Anyhow, I can't completely get the viberant colors and textures like Kassa, but I had a ton of fun playing! (and that's what it's really all about!)
I may try a Milo style ATC next... 
(although not sure I can pull that one off even close...)

So... do you have a favorite of the new release stamps?
I don't know if I can decide, at first with was Agatha Kitty, but Arthur grew on me with his mischief...
now that I've colored them all and played with them I love them all too much to pick!

Did you make a new years resolution?
This year I'm not doing a resolution, but I will be daydreaming of getting our home paid off so that we can buy property in North Carolina some day.

Who doesn't love to day dream?
(Dreaming of building a home with a craft studio I can teach from keeps me extra energized and looking forward to 2020)

Do you have a daydream for this year?


  1. Happy 2020 Tera! How fun all these art pieces are! I’m hearing your squeals of delight as you play with all your new stamps. Veggie Boo is so adorable. Little wonder there is competition for her favors. The journal sentiment is too funny and SO true. Your robot is awesome! I hope he doesn’t hug too strongly. He looks like he may not know his own strength. I love his rusty bits. Great design! That cat is adorable too. I love the background you’ve created for her. Very diva-ish. No New Year resolutions here. I’m just always trying to be the best person I can be. Sometimes that is quite a challenge in itself...for me. I’ve no patience for drama. My life is full of daydreams. I do hope yours comes true for you. You can do it!

  2. Loving your journal art! My favorite is free hugs with his rusty spots against the gears background - very Nice! Happy colors Agatha Kitty too :)HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

  3. Great sense of humor and such detailed fun story telling with your latest designs, Tera. Your rustry hugging robot has stolen my heart! I want to hear more about North Carolina! 💖


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