Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shrink Plastic Charm Tutorial

Today i'm going to show you how to make this wonderful Shrink Plastic Charm!

First gather your supplies:

  • piece of #6 recycled plastic (I used a washed out food container) 
  • a pair of scissors (i used Tim Holtz Scissors)
  • non-stick craft mat
  • permanent markers (any brand you like is fine)
  • StazOn ink pad in the color you choose (I used black)
  • Your heat tool
  • Hole punch 
  • Tweezers or something to hold onto plastic while heating it
  • And last but not least your STAMPS!! (I used the bird man by silver crow creations, and the star and word dream are part of the Tim Holtz collection by stampers anonymous)

Step 1: 
  Stamp your image on the plastic and cut out whatever shape you'd like your charm to be 
(remember these shrink to less than 1/2 the original size so the larger the better)

 Step 2: 
       Punch the hole in the plastic wherever you want the charm ring to go through

Step 3:
       Color the back side of your image and allow to dry for a minute.

                                              (I also chose to add more stamps at this point)

(This show my original stamped piece before heating was 4in long)
 Step 4:
       Heat that bad boy up!! Don't panic it will warp, and curl and do all sorts of funny things, but don't panic it will flatten back out on it's own as it heats 
          (i usually leave it laying on my nonstick craft mat while i heat it, i only lifted it for the picture)
 Step 5:
    You did it! Now let it cool for a minute then you are ready to add it to your projects! In my case i made a fun charm dangle clip. (note the new size is only 1 and 3/4 inches!!)

 Here you can see the front and back sides of m charm.

 (note that the metallic marker i used was opaque so it gives a nice 3D affect when compared to the transparent colors)

Well Here you Go my finished Charm Clip! 


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