Friday, July 19, 2013

Peek of My Craft room

Hello everyone! Well i have been  working on getting my craft room organized, so this is what it looks like so far! I wish i had taken a picture of it before, but it was a mess! All of the white cubes are new to me, i bought them from a lady whom was going "digital"... I am so excited to have them!!! 
I can't wait to get everything completely organized... I might also join the WOYWDW (whats on your work desk Wednesday)

 Ok, well now that you have seen most of my crafty space i can get back to making a mess! Hope you are all having a wonderful day! More updates soon hopefully.


  1. OMG sissy I love the new background!!!!!

  2. WOW!!! It's all so pretty, bright, & organized! What a lovely space to create in.:-)

    1. Thanks MM! it's getting organized slowly! I still have a ways to go and more stuff to put back in that room... but hopefully soon it will be organized completely and stay that way!

  3. Oh wow, your room looks amazing! Don't you always feel better when you have it all organised? I know I do - just wish I could keep it that way!

  4. Thank you! I do feel much better with it organized! I really hope to keep it this way, but my crafty brain didn't get the organizational gene..!


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