Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Silliness!

Hello all, and i hope you're having a wonderful Saturday! 

I know I am! I've been doing the VLVS blog hop, and enjoying a relaxing morning!!

Today i'm going to share a sneak peak at a surprise for one of my moms friends that i made. (if i show any more she may know it's for her! ) 

In other News: 

Yesterday i FINALLY created a Facebook page Just for all of you who want to see my crafty endeavors, so be sure to check it out and "Like" us to see all the happenings! 

I'm considering hosting some local Scrapbook Kit style party's!
 (the ideas for this are still in the works, but i know it will be fun!!) 

I'm also still working on getting everything dialed in and running smoothly here, Facebook, twitter, my Flickr, and a few other places! I've learned so much already and am really excited with how things are coming along!! I hope to have more craft updates, tutorials and maybe even a give-away coming up soon!! 

Let Me know what you'd like to see!  I love hearing from you!!

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