Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts:

Just a quick update to what I've been up to...

  • Moving and reorganizing my entire craft room (still not finished, i'll post a pic when it's organized!)
  • Making bigger messes than i had to begin with!
  • Organized all of my new unmounted stamps in a binder (:-D) (no more hunting!!)
  • Made it to day 11 so far of 30 days of "real food" (no frozen foods for my hubby this month! Yes i'm cooking is foods for lunch the night before because i love him!)
  • Dreaming up new project ideas for once i get my room re-organized
  • and last but not least preparing to dog sit over the weekend (not really looking forward to this one, as it's 2 Lg VERY energetic dogs in a 3rd floor apt, all stairs! Hopefully they won't drag me down them!)
Oh and looking forward to Yard sales with my buddy next Thursday when they do the city-wide yard sales!!! Hopefully it won't rain!  

Hope you're all having a fabulous day and Thank you for stopping by!

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