Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Mail Art

Hello again!

Are you ready for another piece of mail art? This one is a little fun and wacky, it reminds me of a 50's movie poster or comic book cover? I hope you all enjoy!

Supplies used:
  • watercolor pencils
  • Gelatos
  • The following Viva Las Vegastamps :
  • Star and planet stamps, (sorry i do not know who makes theses stamps as i bought them at a sale) 
I hope you all Enjoy today's Wacky Wednesday Mail Art!  

Feel Free to make up funny movie or comic titles to go with this!


  1. This is sooo cool, Tera! And I can't believe that lady is a stamp, haha! I might have to add her to my wishlist :D

    1. Thanks, Yes she is super cool, and they have several different screaming people on their site... I know she'd be the one to be abducted! hehe

  2. She's anticipating the anal probe (why do aliens always do that?) lol. A brilliant piece of B movie mail art!


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